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100% SOLD is my motto.


While hanging around Antique Shows, Flea Markets and garage sales, many times I would hear: “What do we do with our stuff? The kids don’t want it.” or “What’s going to happen to it when we are gone?” Or maybe you’re the one in charge of the somber task? I’ll tell you what friend, there are plenty of people that would appreciate and cherish your “stuff” again.


So I opened the doors of my shop in July 2019 with a simple goal: to bring buyers and sellers together in one place, so the “well loved stuff” can be “new” again.


Who is Pine Marten? Pine Marten is run by Martin, a guy who appreciates flea markets, good deals, making friends, and the stories behind all the “stuff”.


How does Pine Marten work? Pine Marten is not a “junking company”. I will treat your items with respect and will find a way to sell just one item or the whole Estate with the best price possible for your items. I strive for 100% of sales, so you are not stuck with any left overs.


When you’re ready to interview Pine Marten, give me a call.

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